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Welcome to Yanes

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Since 1983 Yanes has been outfitting savvy outdoor enthusiasts with a wide range of quality products at rational prices.  Whether you’re looking for tents, sleeping bags, mats, or accessories, we’ve got you covered.


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Yanes is a Canadian owned company based in Montreal.  Our product line has evolved to fit the needs of our customers.  Feedback is always welcome and has often led to improvements in our products, especially tents.  You really can’t know how a tent performs until you’ve used it for a few days.  One word of advice, unless weight is very important to you, oversize your tent selection a little.  You’ll appreciate the extra space.

We stock replacement parts for everything we carry, so even if your tent pole snaps, or your snowshoe ratchet pops, we can fix you up and get you back out in no time.  If and when something does fail, we have very liberal warranty conditions and will usually make things right at no charge (although you may need to pay inbound shipping back to us).

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Canoes & Kayaks

The Québec distributor of

ClearWater Design

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